A brilliant idea (and a book to go along with it!). Who says you need to go far in order to have a writer’s retreat!

The View Outside

The hubster plays a lot of chess. Matches for his club and our County which often take him to exotic destinations such as Hastings! Lol. My overseas readers probably won’t get that joke so I apologise…just Google Hastings 😉

I’ve been going through the calendar and it seems that on the following dates I will be home alone all day!

Saturday 12th January
Saturday 26th January
Saturday 2nd March
Saturday 24th March

I could just potter around, do a bit of housework, scrub the bath, catch up with some decluttering perhaps? Nah! Sod that! I’m going to have some Mini Writing Retreats 🙂 Ok, when you think of a writing retreat you think about going away somewhere, but, there’s nothing to stop you having one at home 🙂 As Judy Reeves says “Consider that a writing retreat is not necessarily a place, but a concept.” Good old Judy, I love

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