Sorry, No Short Story Yet

I’m still trying to complete a crash course on short story writing and I thought I’d revisit some of my earlier work for inspiration. As I was looking through my pieces on and found this poem. I don’t usually write poetry but I wrote this in 2009 and it’s scary how appropriate it is now. At least I’m consistent with my writing challenges…


Writing is such a pain
Emptiness fills my brain
I feel I have nothing to say
Inspiration has flown away.

Poems borne from frustration
and in dire situation
rhythm and meter ignored
Because I am bored.

I don’t know what more
needs to be said
Perhaps I should be in bed
Sleep will come in a couple hours
And my creativity can then cower.

And on the ‘morrow
there will be no sorrow
’cause the day will be fair
and this will have been a nightmare.

© 2009 Sandra O’Driscoll