Conserving My Creative Energy for the Weekend = Recipe for Disaster



It’s true. I’m procrastinating. The dog needs her walkies. I can’t see the bottom of the sink. Nails need to be clipped, filed and shaped for work (no talons or nail polish for me!).


But no writing.


I want to succeed this time around. I really do. It’s just old habits die hard and some days it’s just much more enjoyable to sit down and watch the story unfold in my brain than to slog through page after page of little black letters. Details are boring and require patience and meticulous attention.


That’s not fun.


I want action! I want adventure! I want to go through something that will leave me with an exhilarating hairdo. Instead, I’ll sit on the couch with the dog and clumsily put into words what my imagination so elegantly creates for others to enjoy.


I’m still having trouble with the definition of a short story. Is it possible to write a short story of about 1,000 words or so that has the classic story arc? How do I want to approach the Sunday Shorts *hee hee*? Do I want each story to be able to stand alone or are they a continuation? Are they even really short stories at the moment or acting more like chapters of a novel? I’m so confuzzled!



If anyone knows of great writing resources online I can use to brush up on my creative writing skills, please pass them along. And I’m sure some of you are itching to comment on the shorts so feel free! I love critiques and criticisms for my work. How else am I to know that’s I’m doing something completely wrong? If it’s more along the lines of “it sucks” an e-mail will probably be best. But there must be some redeeming quality, right?


I may not be able to do any writing at work today but with a clean apartment (kitchen sink at least), a happy dog and fingers perfectly suited for marathon typing, I should be able to get down to business tonight.

(Oh, and did I mention that I canceled my Netflix account? That’s right. No more movies at my fingertips. It was a sad moment but so far so good.)