The First Mini Writing Retreat of 2013

I’ve been inspired by Vikki over at The View Outside and her mini writing retreat so I’ve decided I’m long overdue for some serious writing time. It really has been nonstop for everything in my life since Christmas and I’m putting my foot down now! I want to succeed this year and I am determined to write these novels. So, this is my first of many all-weekend mini retreats. Will this be how I end up writing most novels? Hopefully not but knowing me, quite possibly. All I know is that this is going to be an adventure and the best part is that I won’t even have to change out of my pajamas all weekend if I don’t feel like it.

Speaking of adventure, my Wednesday horoscope this week in the Metro said: “Make the most out of the Sun’s last few days in Capricorn to travel. [Travel through my imagination!] It does not matter if your journey is short or long, it matters only that you are on the move. What you discover will brighten up your life.” Sounds promising, yes?

*drum roll please…*

The big weekend has arrived! Perhaps I’ve set lofty goals but that’s what I do best. I’m not a fast typer and I’m even worse with accuracy so I’ll be plodding through my 20,000+ words this weekend but I have the whole weekend- uninterrupted, nowhere to be, no people to see, not even any groceries to buy. Granted, I wasn’t able to make my lunches and suppers for the weekend tonight because someone didn’t take the hamburger out to defrost. *Gasp* YESTERDAY! How could you?! (Dogs truly are wonderful- they’ll still smother you in kisses after you admonish them for failing at some completely unreasonable request.)


I have my fridge stocked with fruits, veggies, my favourite apple juice, humus, delicious soon-to-be chilli and stir fry, cookies in the cupboard, crackers, cheese, ice-cold water, the right selection of tea and the biggest selection of heart breakfast foods I think I’ve ever had. Everything from yogurt to oatmeal to eggs and bacon. I’s got it all.

So for the next 48 hours it’s going to be Yesterday, Lucille the Laptop and I as I slog through my writing. The magical little internet box is being disconnected and stored in the closet along with my phone, answering machine (yes, I have a physical answering machine, Hubert the Message Taker is its name.) and my movie rack. That’s right. My apartment may as well be a little shack in the middle of the woods. Nothing connecting me to the outside world for the next 48 hours and it’s exhilarating!

I can’t wait to see what kinds of things my imagination will come up with as I delve into the dark, twisty little corners that a literary fiction novel seems to require and what hijinks Basil Lemonpenny gets up to. It’s a weekend to push my imagination, my creativity, my fingers’ stamina and the limits of what I’m comfortable writing. I’ll be sure to post my Sunday Short on Sunday. My apologies if I don’t. It will be due to my internet not working, not because I didn’t finish the story.

So, WordPressland, I’ll see you again Sunday evening, victorious and exhausted but thrilled at the first major writing push of the year. Be sure to check in for an update- word count, short story progress and the latest up-to-date information about the novel.

Just a quick recap:

  1. 20,000+ words in total
  2. substantial progress on the novel
  3. a few short stories written in advance
  4. short story plots for future pieces
  5. ideas for novels for the year (I have to let them germinate in my imagination so I must plant the ideas now)

This is going to be fun and interesting and something tells me I’m going to have a sore bum by the end. Butt *hee hee* it’ll be worth every achy twinge.