I Did It! (Kind Of. Almost.)


It’s Monday and the week is shaping up to be busy as is my new “normal.” That’s great but at the same time it means I’ll be tired when I get home. Thank Goodness I just finished 2,000 of the 3,316 words I wanted to write today. 

*Insert happy dance here*



That’s right. I managed to do my volunteering AND write 2,000 words before needing to go into work. To makes things even better, I still have a half hour left before  I need to leave the apartment! Maybe I’ll have a little nap.


I have noticed in the past that if I do something active then sit down to write I get really tired really quickly. I’m hoping I can plot out the next few scenes today so I can come how and whip through the next 1,316 words. I’d love to finish the day with a round 25,000 words done.



I’m starting to drag my heels with the plot because I’m afraid that the critical issue is happening too soon. Once the dénouement occurs it’s all downhill from there. Is it too soon to be occurring at 25,000 words? That’s only halfway through the novel! Or is this not really the climax but the second pillar of the suspension-bridge plot structure? Help!



I haven’t written a novel that is actually somewhat well plotted. My stories had been a meandering tale with some action thrown in, some minor obstacles to overcome but nothing truly earth shattering. It’s like my imagination has grown up and it’s thirsty for challenges and some big-girl stories.


I think this is why I love the writing marathons. At 2,000-3,000 words I’m just starting to get into the groove. I stop thinking about whether it’s good writing or bad or what the character’s been doing or whether it’s starting to feel like a “Dear Diary, Today  I did the same thing as yesterday” kind of storytelling. I just write and the plot somehow magically progresses. I get excited about scenes and I wonder how my character is going to get out of the trouble she finds herself in but all this only happens when I get 5,000 or 6,000 words in. Unfortunately I don’t have the kind of time during the week that I need to get into my story so deeply.


I’m thrilled that I’ve managed to get done as much as I have so far today and maybe I’ll go into work  a little early and do some plotting. I also went to bed way too late last night so that doesn’t help matters any. Perhaps I’ll manage to get to bed early tonight and with nothing to do tomorrow morning I can sit down and get more writing done than my obligatory 2,575 words per day.

I think at the very worst I’ll be able to handle 575 words tonight when I get home. After all, it’s only just shy of a hundred more words than this post. That’s not too bad, right?