Diana Krall & Outlines

I just don’t work well during the week. I had a beautiful word count outline that saw me type the 50,000th word this coming Sunday evening but I wrote nothing yesterday, nothing as of 6:30 pm tonight and I’ve not even crossed the 25,000 word mark yet.I just seem to really dislike writing my novels on any day that doesn’t start with a “S.” I have to push through for January though. I’ll re-evaluate my writing schedule for February.



I haven’t been working on my outline, I’ve still been writing blind. Perhaps that’s part of the trouble. I’m dragging my feet with the plot progression because what happens if I run out of story? I guess then I go back and start filling things in. I really want to get my outline done in as close to scene-by-scene detail but I’m not too sure how to do that. So I’ll play around with it.


I was sitting in Starbucks tonight thinking I’d give myself a change of scenery and try to write but instead I trolled Facebook, Twitter and ended up buying Diana Krall’s new CD, “Glad Rag Doll.”



It it utterly amazing. I’ve been sitting here for the past almost 2 hours mesmerized as I listen to the tracks. They’ve got an old-time sound and if I put in a minimal amount of effort I can easy trick myself into thinking it’s the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s even very early 50’s depending on the track. I love sitting on my couch with just my tiny table lamp on and listening to some wonderful songs. When I pick up a magazine to read I can forget about the modern necessities like Twitter, Facebook, even the internet, heck why not go crazy and forget about computers altogether! It makes me long for the giant radios in the beautiful wood cases. Life was simple. Books weren’t being threatened by e-publishing, the news still had quite a bit of good bits and pieces. Everything feels all right and I’m convinced it’ll all work out. It’ll probably have to be by magic but I remain optimistic.


I’m looking forward to shutting down the computer and using it as a hard writing surface to work on the outline before getting to bed early for once. If I’m going to indulge in something creative, I’d much rather it be active through the creative process rather than passive consumption writing vs. reading).


I think I’m leaning towards using my weekends for writing and freeing my evenings so I can watch a movie if I want or read or putter around on a Sunday Short or story outline. They’re useless hours for my novel writing so why try to change that? I’m embracing my inner evening slacker. If I can discipline myself to actually sit down and write in the morning this could work out well and as of right now I’m more than happy to sacrifice my weekends for the year for my writing. It actually compliments my plans quite nicely. I’ll probably have to revisit this schedule but let’s take it seasonally shall we?



So for this month I’m positive I can finish, it’ll be a push though. I’m actually kind of looking forward to the challenge. Armed with a freshly-drafted outline I think it’ll help out and keep things flowing a little more smoothly. *Rubbing hands together gleefully* I’m kind of feeling like a mad scientist wild-eyed manic optimism and a frenzied energy that can’t help but suck others in as well.

I completely understand how Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde within a week. When the pieces of the story tumble into place it’s almost as if you’ll explode if it’s not written down right then and there. It’s a natural high that drug could never replicate because at the end of the process you have a physical manifestation of this intense experience. If choosing between sleeping, eating, sex and this, I would pick writing. The only option that might give writing a run for its money would be sleeping. Although sleep deprivation could result in some fantastical scenes and stories!


So I’ll work on the outline a bit tonight before heading to bed and hopefully tomorrow morning I’ll get a tiny bit of writing done before heading into work. It’s going to be close to a 3-day writing retreat this weekend. I have Friday off but work until early afternoon on Saturday so I’m expecting it to be spectacular. There’s chili in the freezer waiting to be defrosted and still enough food from last weekend to get me through to probably Monday if not Tuesday. Life is pretty SANtastic.