It’s a Perfect Day to Write



It’s freezing here today. Unfortunately this should be the norm for winter in Canada, not unusual. Somehow my days off have been falling on the days that do not inspire any kind of outdoor activity. Snow, super cold weather, wind, etc. you can’t ask for anything better (other than rain) to create a cozy little nest of creativity. Comfortable clothes, pots of hot tea, blankets, soul food and of course a little dog who loves her writing cuddles.


I had a lovely evening last night, courtesy of my sister, at the Symphony. The music was beautiful and the performance was mesmerizing. I forgot how much I used to love going out to live music performances. What a way to start the first half of my weekend!



While I was out last night I started on my outline for the story. I did a bit of work on it but I’m stumped. After the next block of the story, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I have some characters that were fairly integral to the story in the beginning but I can’t quite figure out how they weave back into it. I think I might know but I have to get through the next 10 or so pages before I can be sure.  Does outlining get easier with practice?


I’ve fallen back into the classic essay format I used all through school. Intro, point A, B, C and conclusion only this time, each scene or block has at least 3 points to it. I think it’ll work at the moment and trust me, I need all the help I can get! I thought I would get bored with the story if I drafted up a story line and figured out where the novel was going to go but I think it’s the exact opposite. I get really excited and optimistic about what I’m working on at the moment when I see where I’m going with it. What a pleasant surprise! You know, it’s amazing how things turn out if you give them a chance sometimes. I think I’ll be blocking and outlining much more frequently from now on especially if I’ll be writing mostly on my weekends.

I really like the way this month has turned out so far! That being said, I still have lots of writing to do so I should get back to it before I have to head out to Yesterday play date tonight. The poor little muffin… she’s got quite the case of cabin fever at the moment.