Friday Night Lovin’s

I’ve been nominated for some awards. Actually, I was nominated for 3 way back in October by the lovely All the Soft Places. I think part of me had wanted to wait to think of the perfect 7 tidbits to share but mostly I wasn’t feeling like my blog deserved the love I was showered with. It has definitely gone through some rocky patches over the last half of the year and I think it’s finally ended up closer to where I want it to be- upbeat, full of optimism, and with a real zest for life. If it’s not exactly full of it, I’m hoping it’s comfortably in the 85-90% range.

So, thank you for these 3 lovely awards. I’m honoured and deeply touched to think that my ramblings are worth ย someone’s time to read like this let alone acknowledgments such as these!

(Sorry it’s so HUGE but then again who doesn’t love a giant sunflower?)

Then just the other day I was nominated by Vikki at The View Outside and she gave us the torturous task of picking out own award! It’s like sending a kid into a candy store and telling them they can only have one kind of candy. So hard! Am I versatile blogger? Do I have a lovely blog? Do I have a “Blog of the Year?” Should I shine on? Do you guys really want me to tell you more about myself? Is there a tie?

So, I’m going to cheat and pick the two, yes two!, that I have strived to fulfill.

(Another big one but I love the vintage look don’t you?)

So. Now the required 7 things about myself:

1. I almost drowned in a wave pool when I was 5 or so. Dad and a lifeguard had to rescue me. It was dramatic- water was coughed up then tears ensued.ย A few years later I almost got sucked out to sea on a boogie board in Puerto Rico by a vicious rip tide. Once again Dad rescued me.



2. I love bats.




3. I’ve been known to be so optimistic that I’ve annoyed myselfย and I don’t care I’m annoyed with myself. It’s a very strange situation.

4. When I was younger I told Mom that if I were to have twin girls I’d name them Genevieve and Guinevere and nickname them Gennie and Gwennie. Mom said that was mean. I told her it was a great idea. Then a friend later told me they’re the same name. I decided it wasn’t so fantastic after all.

5. Every time my phone rings I have to do a 5 second Charleston to my ring tone even if I’m out in public.

6. Few things make me happier than pancakes for dinner.

7. I have a stack of board games but have no one to play them with. They would still make the cut if I had to move with only a carload of possessions.

I don't know why I love them so much but I do. They're one of the focal points of my apartment.

I don’t know why I love them so much but I do. They’re one of the focal points of my apartment.

Now to pass along these wonderful awards. I really can’t pick just 7 of you out there so I’m going to leave it open to you all as well as letting you pick your favourite award. IF you’re having a gloomy day, treat yourself to an extra one or two- they’re not donuts, go ahead and indulge! Please let me know what you chose and your 7 tidbits.

Happy Weekend, WordPressland!