Where’d the Weekend Go?


The Procrastination Station strikes again. I think that every Thursday evening I need to disconnect from the Internet until Sunday, and plug it back in only long enough to post the Sunday Short. The good news is that I’ve essentially forgotten about Netflix. As much as I love it, it plays havoc with my writing.



So no more Internet from now on but have no fear, I’m not going to defect to the wild and survive on berries and melted snow. *Squiggly face of doom* Besides, sometimes it’s nice to just be able to get away from all the stimulation the world bombards us with. I think it’s important, as a writer, to go back to the basics. Research can wait other than for the San’s Sunday Short. My apartment has been in shambles since the holidays and my movies are still out in the open so there’s plenty to distract me. I don’t need to create new avenues for procrastination.


I love the shorts but I still have no idea what I’m doing with them. They still don’t feel like short stories; I admit, I have no idea what they are. Right now I’m just using them to keep me writing. It feels great to start and finish something within an hour (which is also why I love blogging). I hope over the next few months I’ll regain my short story writing ability but it’s hard to keep them short and stand-alone. I miss whipping up a story in an afternoon.

I’m dragging my heels this weekend to do my writing. I’ve come so far it’d be a shame to fall short on Friday morning. Besides, with 4 days left to go, I think having +/- 20,000 words left to write is enough to light a fire under my bum. Especially since I’ll be losing my Tuesday morning AND Thursday evening! I may as well keep a crock pot of tea simmering over the few days because it’s going to be a marathon of epic proportions (for me at least).