I’m Getting Sore From Resting on my Laurels

…They’re digging into my bum and I’m getting bored.

I’m not actually sitting on a wreath of pointy, sharp-looking leaves but I am afraid my couch is beginning to mould itself to my body. I’m going to have to start sitting on the other side of it soon. I think I can feel the wooden frame under the cushion and it’s not too comfortable.

What a great way to start the week! I love talking with people and while we catch up on each other’s weekends I can casually say “Oh I finished my novel on Sunday” then self-deprecatingly correct them when they assume I meant reading. “Oh, no” I laugh a tinkly little giggle, “I wrote it.” Usually I’m more of a in-your-face, “I did it! Just thought you’d like to know” kind of girl then quickly move on to the other person’s pressing issues but it’s nice to take the sneakier approach once in a while and slide an accomplishment into the conversation. You just have to be careful not to upstage someone else. I’m really bad at that so that’s why I usually stick with the bubbly enthusiasm as I’m flying off to do something else. I’m just happy you know; I don’t need a 10 minute conversation dissecting the process. That’s what I have WordPress for, right?

I promised a friend I’d print out the story for her for Thursday and I need to send my parents a copy to read so there is some light editing I have to do just to make sure the chapters are done correctly, spelling mistakes are corrected, etc. and of course there will be the disclaimer regarding the historical inaccuracies, the confusing time lines and abrupt hop from story line to story line. It’s a mess right now but I can see the promise in it and that is more than I’ve been able to see in earlier works.

I’m still digesting the fact that I wrote this novel and finished it in:

  1. the shortest month of the year
  2. 10 days

That’s right, I only worked on it during the weekend- Saturday and Sunday and two weeks on Friday as well. It’s been a push every one of those 10 days but I never stopped to consider the schedule. It always seemed possible I’d finish, in fact when I woke Monday morning, I was shocked to realize it was still February. Then I realized that I finished early for once. I don’t know if I’ve ever known the feeling of finishing a job early and having a moment to catch my breath before ย moving onto the next project. I kinda like it. A lot.

That being said, I have to start on the short story today and I think I have an idea of what’s going to happen. I’m a little unsure of where to take the series- whether I’ll keep it fairly PG (Nancy Drew style) or start adding in murders to keep it more in line with the traditional Pulp Fiction genre. Considering all the characters are dogs, I have the feeling it’s safe to say all bets are off. Expect a wide variety of story lines!

I’m not quite sure how March is going to pan out because I have the workshop all weekend coming up so my first writing weekend is going to yield very little I’m afraid. I’ll still do my best then go from there the following week. It’ll be good practice for the next time I lose a weekend for my writing. It’ll be annoying and very disruptive but not impossible. Forcing me to adapt is vital for the creative process, my sanity and the ability to reintegrate myself into my social life.