Oh Saturday, What Happened?

I was supposed to have a workshop weekend to help me with my creative process. It didn’t happen. I can’t say I was completely crushed because I had the sneaking suspicion it was geared for painters, etc., not writers but having paid good money for it I was going to go and give it my best attempt at nonstick-figure art.

Since that plan was dashed to pieces, I scurried home, looking forward to an unexpected weekend of writing to finish start my next short story and start March’s novel. I certainly didn’t finish the story and I don’t even know where to begin on the novel. This doesn’t bode well for March, does it?

Over the past 14 hours, I’ve made a few disappointing realizations regarding the short stories.

  1. The story lines may become difficult to plan ahead. I have an amazing book of pulp fiction short stories for inspiration but inspiration can backfire if there’s nothing in my brain that needs a little push to come to the surface. I’ve always lived in mortal fear of plagiarism, which is why I tend not to read a lot of book within the genres I enjoy working. Of course, that can backfire too. I can’t win, can I? 
  2. I can see myself running out of characters quickly. It’s different working with personified dogs than with actual human characters. There’s a limitless range of characters and descriptions but that’s not the case with breeds. Then of course there are stereotypes to either propagate or ignore. There are some steady characters that’ll show up through out the series but a lot more will be one story appearances. I kind of feel like I’m escorting an endless line of characters through the revolving door of my brain and it’s dizzying. 
  3. I’ve forgotten how long it took to write a Moxie story. I’m used to whipping up a short story in the span of an hour or two just for the fun of it but the first Moxie story took more than a week to do. So you know what that means… Yup. Sorry, everyone but I think I’ll be working on the Sunday Short through out the month instead of having it finished and already drafted up for automatic publication each Sunday. If only I could ever be that organized for anything in my life!
  4. I’ve been writing novels for far too long. I’ve made the unsettling discovery that I’ve lost my ability to write pulp fiction short stories and that makes me want to cry, cry, cry. I want to rediscover the voice I had in February’s short but it’s going to take a lot of work to find it again so please be patient if I waffle a bit and fight my very strong, very persistent style. It’s like I’ve moved to Scotland and am desperate to develop a beautiful brogue but am stuck with my boring Canadian accent. 

As far as the novel goes… Well. I wish I knew where to go with the beginning of Book 2 for the Western. I’ve counted 4 distinct story lines and 2 characters (I can’t decide if they’re main or secondary right now) so do I start with the main story line for book 2 or use one of the subplots to help set up the main conflict? If I can only get the first paragraph down I’ll be all right. Heck, I’ll be happy with a sentence!

I had a nap this afternoon because it seemed easier to sleep part of the afternoon away than to deal with a muse that has become persnickety and difficult. I really don’t have time for a temper tantrum, which unfortunately, it seems Josefiend is gearing up for. I don’t want to have to battle her as she analyzes my style, writing schedule, ability, and quality of writing. I just want to get these words down on paper. She can brandish her red pen of indignation at the atrocities and loquaciousness of my work when I edit. Until then, she and her scowly face can take a long walk off a short pier.

I always say I’m unplugging from the internet for the entire weekend Thursday night and every weekend I get the modem out and plug it back in. I wasn’t going to post until Monday but it seemed like I needed to get this off my chest. It’s been bugging me just enough that it was keeping me from focusing on what I need to do. I know it’s a bit of an aversion tactic but the beginning of a new writing project can be daunting and tough and right now I’m facing two stubborn pieces to start at the same time. Plus, I like to know I’m still connected to WordPressland. Being a hermit is a lonely business sometimes but luckily only when the stories get stuck in my brain and that’s been few and far between so far.

Phew! Sorry for throwing all that at you. Thanks for reading, I feel much better and I’ll be heading to bed soon, excited about tomorrow’s schedule of writing and creating. As soon as I finish Chapter 2 of Moxie’s newest adventure I’ll post it. Then onto The Western Book 2. Considering that’s its  working title, no wonder Josefiend is so angry!