My Reward for Being Naughty

This weekend was a write off and not in a good way. I did nothing save the bare minimum to San’s Sunday Short and I honestly don’t know how good it is. However, I’ve been rewarded for my deviance in so many ways I should’ve bought a lottery ticket.

Saturday: I dragged my tired little bum out of bed and left way too late to expect to find a parking spot easily but lo-and-behold made it to the workshop on time.

If there was a workshop.

Apparently the class was canceled and I missed the phone call. The security guard had no idea what I was talking about so I looked around but seeing no one, I went home. Yay, I thought a whole unexpected weekend to work on the new novel! 

Pfffft that didn’t happen.

Some little gremlin plugged the internet back in and I trolled around aimlessly for hours in between watching the entire season 1 of Downton Abbey. If I knew this was going to happen, I should’ve rented Season 3 to catch up on the show (even though I purposely look for spoilers and episode descriptions).

Sunday: I took the dog out for an extra long walkies then spent the morning working on the short story and planned on finishing it before bed last night but by now you must be able to guess how that ambition turned out…

Then I was taking a break from waffling between being lazy and pseudo-depressed about not getting any noveling accomplished on this unexpected weekend and checked my calendar to structure my writing schedule when I made the best discovery:

March, June, August & November have an extra weekend each (well, August and November have an extra Saturday)! That’s right! I can lay around, clean my apartment, have an afternoon-long nap, take the dog to the park for a few hours, go to the farmer’s market or do whatever I want because if I don’t do any writing this weekend, it won’t put me behind schedule! Even better- the only 2 trips I have planned this year fall in August and November. How’d I manage that?!

I know, I know, it would behoove me to get ahead and do my writing during these “present weekends” but it felt so lovely to be able to remember what having an unplanned/unstructured 2 days off is like. I wanted to get my writing done but I also know that I needed to stop and think about the story. Plotting still counts as work on the novel.

I didn’t finish the short story (that’s the plan for this week) but I did think about the outline for Book 2. There are a few sticking points that I’m not sure how to resolve because the most viable option, really the only one that makes sense, is going to be really hard to work with. I was also having trouble with figuring out which story line to start with but I think I at least know how to begin. Once I have the first chapter of each subplot done it should be easier to get back into the story.

so after some brainstorming, involving an ulcer-inducing amount of tea, I had a delicious supper, a wonderful walk with the dog and somehow managed to stay up way later than I wanted to.

It’s wild how things work out if you just let go. So, this week I have lots to do and I’m hoping I’ll actually have a finished short story for the rest of the month. Who knows. Maybe I’ll get a little crazy and write 2 short stories! Or work on a bonus book just for fun.