Thinking Is NOT Writing




Does anyone know where the past few weeks have gone because I’d really like to have them back. I’ve been doing a whole lot of thinking and very little writing lately and that’s a little troublesome. With all the pondering going on this is what I’ve come up with:

  1. Am I a one-book wonder? February saw the completion of a complete rewrite of the Western and I did hardly any work on book 2 of the trilogy and haven’t started book 3 yet. Somehow I have to work on them both simultaneously if I want to have the series done by May. That’s more than a little daunting but doable. I think…
  2. Perhaps I’ve taken on a little too much. My San’s Sunday Shorts have waffled all year. I love the idea and I adore the series but I’m not too sure whether I can or should continue them. Perhaps I can sprinkle them into my blog through out the year. Obviously this is another wild idea that I didn’t think through before executing. Thank God I’m not in the military, eh?
  3. I have to work harder with my writing routine. So far I’ve been writing when I want, as much as I want. And let me tell you, that hasn’t been working out so well lately. It’s hard giving up my weekends, I actually have dreams about turning down activities because I’ve planned to work on my novel on Saturday and Sunday.
  4. It’s time to start a writing schedule. I suddenly realized that if it takes me on average 1.5 hours to write 1,000 words (more if I’m not working from an outline) then that’s only 75 hours of writing A MONTH. That’s 3.125 days. Surely too goodness I can carve out that much time in 30 or 31 days. So what’s the trouble?
  5. What makes a writer a writer? Everything I can cross is crossed in the hopes that next month I can finally buy a new computer. Lucille is either going to roll over and die unexpectedly or set my pants on fire one day. I’m sure the heat she gives off is not a good sign so I’m begging her to hang in for another month. And with my new computer, I’m planning on getting Nuance’s Dragon software. It’s a dictation program so I hopefully won’t have to type as much. This brings me to my next concern (I’ll do a separate post about it soon). Am I still a writer even though I’m technically not writing anymore? Yes I’m creating and yes I’m an author but can I call myself a writer? I’m starting to feel like a charlatan as well as a fraud/wannabe/literary groupie.
  6. I really need to learn how to co-exist with the Internet. Of course, no struggle would be complete without the epic battle involving my arch-nemesis, the “procrastination station.” I watch t.v. shows on CTV’s website, I browse through Tiffany & Co.’s website, window shopping for a self-congratulatory present for my first published novel and research random things from movie trivia to home water purification systems. If it wasn’t for WordPress, I’d disconnect my internet altogether. Or so I like to think.






I’m sure there are more questions and points of contention and struggles in my little brain but I haven’t written any of them down since I never suspected I’d be blogging about them but here they are and here I am, pouring my little heart out to WordPressland. It really comes down to my ability to focus and get my work done. Then of course, the longer I take to update my blog, the less I want to do it because I’m ashamed of my disappearance and broken promises. So, my dear, dear friends, I’m sorry for the long silence. I hope that in the coming days and weeks I’ll be able to get back to small victory posts about achieving word count goals and significant advancements in my novel of the month.